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Mint as an herbaceous plant which has refreshing smell and cool feature, it has been researched that mint had been used for herb medicine and known to people as medical material as long as one thousand years ago.

Mint has extremely strong antiseptic and antibacterial effects. It can prevent viral cold, oral diseases, and make your breath fresh by drinking mint tea frequently. It can also prevent oral malodor by gargling with mint tea often.

Mint is widely used as medicine to drive away cold, anti-corrosion, diminishing inflammation, analgesia, relieving itching.

Confo liquide is developed by using natural mint as raw material and adopting ancient chinese methods, supplemented by modern scientific technology. It has a cool and penetrating smell,which can refresh the brain and spirit.

Apply drops to the forehead can make you feel refreshing and full of energy.
Apply drops under the nose can make you feel fresh and non-drowsy, offering a suitable environment every time.
Apply drops to the skin bites by the mosquito and insect can kill the bacteria and stop the itching.
Apply drops to the external skin can prevent from biting by mosquito and insects.
Apply drops to the bath water can remove the bad smell of the body and make you feel more fresh.