CONFO— production-research-sale platforms for health maintenance products made by natural animal and plant extractives


2001,CONFO was founded in Hongkong, which is a modern enterprise, centers on the development, production and sales of natural health plant product. In recent years, CONFO inherit the traditional Chinese herb culture and supplement by modern technology, and we insist on exploiting new product,now we have several famous brands “CONFO, PUISSANT,PROPRE”. Mint oil product series which named CONFO ,due to the prominent effcets, wide applicability, unique external features and perennial usage make it a hit in West African markets and quickly become the first brand in the industrial. The other two brands “PUISSANT” and “PROPRE”,are the household and traveling necessities, due to  its special efficacy in relieving swelling、pain、bruises and daily health care.
At present, based on the development of key products again, CONFO exploit further the product line in the domain of daily chemical, cosmeceuticals and food. CONFO concentrates on developing the health products and innovating. CONFO, strives to be the leader brand in the market.