BOXER— Aspire to be the leading brand of household pesticidal products.


“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Folium artemisiae argyi can cure all kinds of diseases. ” Wormwood, aslo known as medicine grass, is fumed to avoid evil spirits and miasma and to drive away mosquitoes and pests in ancient time. BOXER mosquito-repellent incense, this double patented product by learning from ancient experience and combining it with advanced techniques. 
light wormwood fume, mosquito and miasma free; take good care of your health.
As a revolutional, subversive and innovative environment protection product, plant fiber mosquito-repellent incense is developed by successfully using renewable plant fiber as the main raw materials, which avoids the great damage caused by traditional black charcoal incense, it is carbon low and environment-friendly.
Meanwhile, it is unbreakable, clean, not easy to mould, and long-lasting in burning. It is latest mosquito-repellent incense product.