BOXER— Aspire to be the leading brand of household pesticidal products.


Quanshen industrial was established by ChiFei technology. It mainly engaged in the research and development, production and overseas production base of household sanitary insecticide. We have our own factories in Benin and Nigeria, and also have research and development institutes in Hongkong, Hangzhou and Shaoxing city. Aspire to be the production-research-sale platforms of household pesticidal products.
Two sub-brands, namely BOXER and WAVETIDE, due to its features of high quality with low price, health and environment protection and prominent effects, have already become the leading brands in plant mosquito-repellent incense industry in Africa. In recent years, based on the original products, Quanshen exploit further the product line. Now, it formed a combination of superior brands with repellent-product series、insecticide spray series and aie freshener series. The products cover multiple areas like daily chemical、household articals and personal nursing materials. Quanshen industrial is gradually forming a household chemical global enterprise.